The T-JAK® Support Tools have received wide acclaim from professional publications, carpenters, tradesmen, and do-it-yourselfers. The U.S. Patent Office recognized the design and ingenuity of the T-JAK® by awarding it a patent in the early 1990's. It quickly became the "Tool of Choice" by the "Cabinet Installers of America". 
The T-JAK® is "Tested and Approved" by "The Handyman Club of America". It is being used regularly on "This Old House".

"The T-JAK® is fantastic."
Norm A., "This Old House"

"This tool works great".
Tom S., "This Old House"

Jim, I have used your t-jak for about 8 years, and it makes my job very easy.( I do interior trim work-including cabinets)  I was tempted just to buy a new one, but it was very nice to be able to buy parts. I have a couple of friends that just might buy their own, I am always "talking up" my t-jak.
Thanks for a great product.
Greg Griffin, Trim Carpenter

"Looking for Canadian distributor for the T-jaks in province British Columbia Canada.  Pls advise if this fantastic is available in BC."
Thanks. Terry, TL Batstone Contracting
"I may forget to order the cabinets, but I will never forget my T-JAK".
Pat M., Cabinet Installer

"For lifting loads overhead, it's the greatest invention since the wheel".
Luke H., Builder

"This useful and practical product is a snap to set up, taking only about five minutes. It can be used to support ceiling drywall, cabinets and paneling. One or two T-JAK®'s is like having an extra pair of hands."
Steve C., Handyman

"The T-JAK® enables one person to do many tasks that normally require two or more pair of hands. I used the T-JAK to assist in putting up 8-ft. ceiling drywall. It worked great. I would recommend getting two of them for larger drywall or paneling jobs."
Jim T., D.I.Y.

"The T-JAK® is one of the best five tools I have ever owned".
Rich O., Builder

"I use the T-JAK® to hold up the wire lath, it's the best tool since the bread slicer".
Glenn H., Plasterer

"Great tool for cabinets. I've been using mine for over 10 years with no problems, until recently. The wing nut on my tj104 has stripped so the threaded bar slips down with weight on it. I would like to purchase a new wing nut so I may install 30,000 more cabinets with ease. Thank you."
Steve G., Union Carpenter 

"I am a cabinet installer, I have been installing cabinets for about ten years. Your cabinet T-JAK® has made me the best in the area, with one other guy and myself, we have been installing between sixty and ninety cabinets per day on average."
ABI, Inc., Colorado Springs, Colorado

Customer reviews for T-Jak® from Amazon.com
Bruce MacMahon "MacMahon Renovation Solutions... (New Hampshire, USA) -Thumbs up!, January 7, 2008 
I recently had to remove an upper cabinet, take three inches of the height of it, and get it back in place without disturbing the molding at the top. Working solo, I secured the cabinet to the top of the T-Jak and cranked it up into place. Also, I received excellent customer service from T-Jak. Mine shipped without the threaded rod. I sent an e-mail and had the part in hand in two days. 

Sirwriter "Small paint contractor" (New Orleans) April 8, 2007 
I bought this thing initially to use in cabinet installations. After the first I became an expert with it. I've also used it for installing crown, the big microwaves over the range, and sheet rock on ceilings. I don't install a lot of sheet rock, but a full sheet is more than one man wants to deal with. So I fastened 1x4's on top of the plate of the T-Jak. It gave me a lot more stability and I was able to get the job done by myself.

A. Gardner "independence pass" (Basalt, CO USA) February 16, 2007
I purchased the T-JAK Drywall and Cabinet tool, first, had great success with it, and then purchased the T-JAK Pro-Pack. The Pro-Pack includes all the shorter sections of pipe and fittings you will need, eventually, and they are stored and displayed in a case that provides easy access and transport. 

This is a top-quality product that has infinite applications. 

The designer spent a lot of time and effort developing this product, and it all revolves around a brilliant, specially-engineered winged nut which has an eccentric hole that allows it to slide up or down a threaded shaft for quick adjustment. This is friggin' brilliant on-paper, and a huge time-saving joy to use on the job-site.

The only thing I feel bad about, is that I can't shake the inventor's hand and buy him a beer.

If you hang drywall by yourself, I guess the drywall jack would be a big help, but don't imagine that this is all you're going to use this versatile tool for. You'll find yourself breaking it out for just about everything. 

My advice is to go ahead and bite the bullet -- if you're working in the trades -- and just get the Pro-Pack; it's been heavily discounted by the manufacturer, and the additional flexibility it offers is fantastic.

When my Pro-Pack first arrived, it's travel/storage case had been heavily damaged in shipment. I was very disappointed, because the rolling case (with interior, fitted, foam storage for parts) is a very valuable and necessary organization tool, itself. I contacted the manufacturer, directly, via email and they shipped out a replacement tool case immediately. No charge. 

All T-Jak tools are powder-coated with bright orange paint, and the individual pipe sections are very nicely finished. There are no sharp burrs, and the pieces assemble and disassemble quickly, forming an almost unlimited array of different application possibilities. As a remodeler, I can tell you that there are too many time when your help doesn't show up, and you've got to get something done, by yourself -- time when the T-Jak system will save your bacon.

Out on sites where there are more than one unit being remodeled, I've had guys come over and offer me money to borrow it to use it to install cabinets. I may go a week without touching it and then use it every day for a week. I don't dread those microwaves anymore! 

Sirwriter "Small paint contractor" (New Orleans) - Work alone? Get this tool!, June 5, 2006 
I work alone and put up a lot of cabinets. I use ledger boards for the wall cabinets, but for years have balanced them up on that little board, holding the cabinet with one hand and driving a screw with the other. 

Sometimes there's that heavy microwave that installs over a range and vents to the outside. Those are a bear, and I dread a job with one, but you have to take the good with the bad.

When I saw the ad for this tool, I gambled and ordered the one with the extension for ceiling sheetrock, just in case.

When it came in, I was a bit skeptical. It was heavy steel, and the threads and collar worked fine, but I have to see it to believe it. The very first cabinet I ran up the wall made a believer in me. You can balance a cabinet with the T-Jak so that both hands are free.

It made short work of that installation. And yep, sure enough, there was that heavy microwave. I sat it on that T-Jak and ran it right up to where the back lip slipped in the groove, and screwed it from inside the above cabinet with no strain at all.

This T-Jak stays in the truck now. I've used it for all sorts of things that used to make my back and arms ache the next day. This is the best innovation I've come across in 20 years!

Published on May 21, 2004
I recently used the T-Jak for upscale remodeling work. It is fantastic for having on location. Header and girder adjustment, ceiling joist positioning, pocket door installation, it is all around very useful. Where an adjustable vertical support can benefit the task, the T-Jak is the ticket! 

Precise with easy set up., May 17, 2004 By A Customer
I used the T-Jak recently on a remodeling project. It is a very good, durable tool to have on location. Whenever ceiling joists were being adjusted or headers and beams were being replaced, supporting the item using the T-Jak was easier and more professional than by bracing using 2x4's. 

John S. (Pleasanton, CA United States) - January 14, 2003
This is a handy product, excellent for installing cabinets and dry wall ... in fact I use it as a third hand to assist with the installation of Crown Molding and shelves. I would recomend it to any handyperson or professional.