• T-JAK® Cabinet Jack


    T-JAK® model TJ-104, adjusts from 52 to 84 inches. It’s a handy tool for many jobs and makes it easier for someone working alone to do the work. For instance the installer will set the cabinet on the T-JAK®, raise it into close to the desired height and then make the final precise adjustments to be perfectly level. Using the T-JAK® eliminates the need for bracing or cleats and allows the installer to place shims behind the back of the cabinet when the walls are not straight or plumb. The T-JAK® safely supports all the different size wall cabinets needed on kitchen remodeling projects.

    Two cabinet jacks are needed on those kitchen remodeling projects where the cabinet installer will gang two or more wall cabinets together on the floor and then raise into position.

    Install Wall Hung Microwave and Range Hood
    The TJ-104 easily supports heavy objects during installation. Support microwave and/or range hood while fastening to upper cabinet.

    Install Bathroom Ceiling Panels and Tub Surround
    Use as a horizontal spreader to temporarily brace all types of wall and ceiling material until the adhesive is set.

    Garage Door and Overhead Door Opener
    Rest garage door opener on the T-JAK® and secure to framing. Support door during installation and repair.

    Decorative Shelving, Fireplace Mantel, Wall Hung TV
    Take the strain out of holding up heavy objects and accurately adjust for level.