Quick adjustable work support for many projects!

When You Need An Extra Hand . . . 

The lightweight, multi-purpose T-JAK tool has been designed to ease the installation of kitchen cabinets, dry wall ceilings, door and window headers, crown moulding, ridge rafters, tub surrounds and many other applications.

The T-JAK tool slides from 53” to 84” through the use of a quick release knob allowing you to support objects weighing up to 400 pounds! By simply tilting the quick release knob, the threaded rod can be easily raised to the desired supporting height. The quick release knob will automatically lock into place and engage thread. Turn quick release knob for the final precise adjustments needed to install all the different sized wall cabinets perfectly and safely. By using the 1-foot, 2-foot or 3-foot extensions, those hard to reach jobs become much easier! Also available is the Mini Brute for jobs requiring a range of 15” to 24” in height. 

Use the T-JAK Drywall tool to install. . . 

Ceiling Wallboard

The T-JAK's sturdy construction and quick setup makes installing ceiling wallboard safe and easy. A 2x4 or plywood can be attached to the top or bottom plates to increase contact area and stability. 

Duct Work

The T-JAK uses a variety of extensions so it can adjust to heights up to 10 feet to hold duct work during installation. 

Crown Molding

The T-JAK makes it easier for one worker to install crown molding. With a 2x4 attached to the support plate, the full length of the molding can be held securely in place while it is being fitted and installed. 

Garage Doors

The T-JAK can securely prop garage doors up to any level during the replacement of springs, rails and rollers. It can also be helpful when installing an electric door opener. 

Join the thousands of satisfied carpenters, cabinet installers and handymen already using the T-JAK Support System! 

The complete T-JAK support tool system has an adjustment range from 15 in. to 10 ft. The T-JAK becomes your hard working helper for many difficult jobs. Do-it-yourselfers and professional remodelers rave about this handy tool.